Awards & Recognitions

Wilfred Dolfsma has received a number of Awards in recognition of the quality of his research, teaching and service to the community. These include:

  • The Hellen Potter award for best article in the Review of Social Economy (2001).
  • The William R. Waters research grant (2002).
  • The Gunnar Myrdal best book prize (2006).
  • The Ludwig Mai award for service to the Association for Social Economy (2013).
  • The 2019 International Clarence Ayres Research Scholar, named by AFEE.

Innovation Networks: Managing the networked organization (co-authored with H.L. Aalbers, London & New York: Routledge) was shortlisted for the 2015 OOA Management Book Prize

His service to the community includes service to (1) academic associations, to (2) academic journals, and to (3) society.

(1) Wilfred co-organized the EAEPE conference in November 2003 in Maastricht, the ASE world congress in Albertville France (June 2004), a workshop at NIAS in May 2006 entitled “Knowledge Economies”; the ICAPE conference, University of Utah (June 2007),

(2) Wilfred is Associate Editor, with a focus on Innovation & Entrepreneurship, for the European Management Journal (2017 - date), and a member of the editorial board for the Review of Political Economy (2016- date), Palgrave Communications (2014- date), and the Journal of Organizational Change Management (2015-date).

Wilfred was editor-in-chief for the Review of Social Economy (2005 - 2017), associate editor for Innovation Management Policy & Practice (2012-2016), and member of the editorial team for I&I.

He reviewed papers for these journals and publishers:

Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte; British Journal of Management; California Management Review; Cambridge Journal of Economics; Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland; Creativity and Innovation Management Journal; De Economist; Edward Elgar Publishing; 2009 EMAEE conference; Entropy, an International and Interdisciplinary Journal of Entropy and Information Studies; ESRC; European Journal of Marketing; Handbook of Economics and Ethics (J. Peil & I. Van Staveren, Edward Elgar); Handbook of Technology Management (ed. H. Bidgoli, Wiley); IMP 2005 conference; Industrial Marketing Management; Industry & Innovation; Information Technology and People; Innovation – Management, Policy, Practice; International Encyclopedia of Public Policy-Governance in a Global Age (ed. P. O’Hara – Routledge); International Journal of Technology Management; International Small Business Journal; Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Journal of Applied Economics; Journal of Business Ethics; Journal of Business Venturing; Journal of Cultural Economics; Journal of Economic Education; Journal of Economic Issues; Journal of Economic Methodology; Journal of Economic and Social Geography (TESG); Journal of Evolutionary Economics; Journal of Innovation Economics; Journal of Institutional Economics; Journal of Management Studies; Journal of Product Innovation Management; Journal of Socio-Economics; MIS Quarterly; OEconomia; Organization Studies; Palgrave (books); R&D Management; Regional Studies; Research Policy; Review of Political Economy; Review of Social Economy; Review of Industrial Organization; Routledge (Taylor and Francis), book manuscripts; Social Science Journal; Sociological Forum; Springer (book manuscriptes); Structural Change & Economic Dynamics; Technology Analysis and Strategic Management; Technological Forecasting & Social Change; Wiley, book manuscript.

(3) wilfred has contributed op-ed pieces to newspapers in a number of different countries such as Netherlands and India, and was also interviewed by written, radio and tv press in a number of countries, including Netherlands, Germany, Japan.

Wilfred was involved in the following NGOs:

  • FEED - Foundation for European Economic Development, trustee (2016 - 2023).
  • Stichting Memphis / Nemesis, organizer Metropolis Festival (2-15 employees, 400k€ budget, winner IJzeren Podiumdier prize 2004) as Member of the Board (treasurer), 2001-2002; Member of the board (secretary), 2003-2004.
  • Stichting (40+ employees, 3,000k€ budget) as Member of the Board (treasurer), 2004-2005.
  • Stichting Hal 4 (25 employees, 1,500k€ budget) as Member of the Board (treasurer), 2003-2006; Chairman (2007).